An international certified authority because it can ensure to the consumers strict controls, the strict application of definitions of natural and organic cosmetics and transparency of information and criteria used.

NATRUE admits only natural ingredients of natural origin (obtained with low environmental impact methods and without reagent of synthesis) or natural-identical ingredients (present in the nature, but not directly extractable). This last category is strongly limited (usually is less than 1%) by the minimum limits required for natural and organic ingredients (they must exceed 95%).

All raw materials used in cosmetic products certificated by NATRUE are obtained by processing methods with low environmental impact, with particular attention to chemical residues and additives used in the formula. Furthermore only NATRUE, between the various authorities, defines the lower limit of natural for each category of natural cosmetics: in this way to each category (cream, shampoo or body oil, for example) is required the maximum of natural and not the minimum, obtained by the average of all categories.


In the absence of European Regulation that is able to give the definition of a natural and organic cosmetic products this kind of products can be interpreted in different way by consumers and by privates authorities.
There are no rules that forbid to call natural a product that contains less than 1% of natural ingredients and more over not all certification authorities are equally strict and exigent with society.
We believe that a natural and organic cosmetic product, as a food product, cannot be certificate by itself but it must be verified by an independent third party that certifies the truth of label information with full transparency.
The certification must be guaranteed by a careful documental valuation for each ingredient used in the products and by strict controls on the production site through inspection visit by certification authorities. Consumers are even more informed and able to learn information using new tools, they ask (and deserve) reliability and directness.
This is the way that Mil Mil Bio Natura chose to ensures quality, efficacy, safety and respect for the environment.
Prefer the organic cosmetics means to make a conscious and sustainable choice: Ingredients from organic farm guarantee a low environmental impact because they don't use chemical fertilizers. This ensures respect and a future for fields and plantations. With the same spirit of sustainability, we chose a bottle made with 50% of recycled plastic in order to reduce the environmental impact and reuse valuable resources. Each formula has been dermatologically and microbiologically tested and it's been subjected to nickel tests.